Frequently Asked Questions - Chile-Head


Chile-Head (Noun) - Lover, collector, or eater of the pungent fresh or dried fruit of the cultivated or wild varieties of capsicum including foods or products made from said fruits. This is usually accompanied by the delusional need to inflict pain on oneself, especially on the tongue or lips. They are traditionally a tight knit group of hobbyists seeking to learn as much as they can about the growth, preparation and consumption of Chile Peppers. Varieties of this hobby include: hot sauce collectors, chile seed collectors, cooking spicy food, homemade hot sauce and salsa makers, chile gardeners, internet chile chat groups, chile seed exchange, etc.

Chile-heads are frequently seen gathering at one another’s houses for what they call "Hot Luck" dinners during which each guest brings a hot or spicy food for all to share. They can also be found en masse at fiery food or spicy food shows around the country.

They will often go to off the wall or little known feeding locales around the world in search of good spicy food or hot sauces. For entertainment they are most likely to be found watching the Food Network or Garden Channel to look for any and all signs of chiles. (from the One Pepper Place)