Hungarian Chili Pepper Club

If You member of a chili club (association, ...) please write me, for the contact.

Diary of the Chili Club

January 10, 2005
The foundation of the Hungarian Chili Pepper Club (Circle of Chili Friends)

April 10, 2005
We decided to enter for the Gastro Blues Festivel of Paks and to cook chili there.

June 25, 2005
The first meeting of the club; also the cooking rehearsal. [Photo Gallery]

July 7, 2005
The Gastro Blues Festival on a hot day[Photo Gallery]

2006. június.17.
Club meeting in Paks
[Photo Gallery]

July 2, 2005
The Gastro Blues Festival with hard rain [Photo Gallery]

2006. október 27.
Mexican dinner: Puerco Pibil [Photo Gallery]

My thoughts, plans about the club and the possible goals of our activity:

  • To put in touch those who have interest in chili peppers and to ensure thecnical support and information for them.
  • To help eachother by free seed- and set-, nursling-exchange.
  • To popularize chili pepper and also to level up the Hungarian "paprika" culture by outings, programms, exhibitions and publications.
  • To keep in touch with foreign clubs and international organizations, getting right into the world wide circulations.

The Club was not founded as a professional organization but as a circle of soulful amatures - like me. But, of course, professionals are welcome too so they can help us with their knowledge, suggestions and with this leveling up the Club's reputation.

Photogallery of the Chili Pepper Club