Jalapeno and Serrano peppers in olive oil

A great recipe from Marco. He made with serrano and Aji Norteno too.Canned Jalapeno

Ingredients: Jalapeno or Serrano or Aji Norteno (not ripen,but dark green jalapeno and turning colour for others), garlic, black or/and green peppers, origanum, maggiorana (few leaves), alloro (laurel leaves), extra virgin oil, ½ lt. of vinegar, ½ lt. of water, 2 spoons of big grain salt (big spoon)

Cooking: Slice the peppers in rings (about 1 cm) leave everything (seeds too)…just cut out the stems…

Cook water, vinegar and salt ( you just need 5 minutes.)

Clean in the right way the "Bormioli" with water at 100°C…Dry them and put the peppers inside with all the herbs 2)÷6). Put about 2 cm of oil inside the Bormioli,add the cooked water-vinegar-salt, until the starting of the edging (bottom side). Put the plug on and close with force!

Put the Bormioli in a deep pot,fill with water (the water has to stay 2÷3 cm over the Bormioli ) and cook for 20÷25 min. from when starts the boiling! The water has always to be over the Bormioli.

Put out the Bormioli (or leave them in the hot water) and place them on paper with the cap down (at 180°)-à the plug is down and the bottom of Bormioli up and leave in this way until the jar is cold.

Check that the air has gone out…Put a label on with date…After two months they are ok.